The World’s First 5-Camera Smartphone Was Introduced

New York (Monitoring Desk) has introduced the world’s first smartphone, which has a total of 5 cameras. During an event in New York, LG introduces its new flagship phone v 40, which is the first phone with a total of 5 cameras and backward. There are currently 4 camera phones available in the market, but V. 40 is the first phone. On which one has 3 cameras and Front 2 cameras. This is the world’s first 5-camera smartphone 6.4 on this phone.┬áThe World’s First 5-Camera Smartphone Was Introduced.

The winch is equipped with a lace display; while the upper part is a switch like iPhone X, but the user can clean it if it wants. It has built built-in DAC for audio that will improve sound for headphones. The Google Assistant button has also been given in the phone, which allows you to the reminder; weather, and some other work, such as video from a video angle camera.

First 5-Camera Smartphone

This phone holds IP 68 water resort ratings, and according to the company, it will not make any difference even if one meter is in water for half an hour. LG has maintained Headphone Jack in this phone and will not face consumers using Doggles or Bluetooth to connect with the headphones.

LG has given its Sniper Dragon 845 processor and according to the company, it is faster than the previous model. In benchmark V 40 has achieved as many as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, but both of these phones are behind the iPhone XS Max in this case. This phone has 3300 MAH Battery, SIX GB Rim, and 64GB Storage, but SDD can be extended to 2 TB.

Its 12-megapixel standard lens with its optical image stabilization on its back, the second camera is 16-megapixel wide angle lens and the third telephoto is a 12-megapixel camera with 2x zoom. According to the company; with a wide angle lens, you can take pictures by fitting more material in each frame; while the telephoto lens zoom as well as foggy backdrop images. The front of the phone is a 5 and 8-megapixel digital camera set up that allows portrait photos to fade the user according to the user’s choice.

LG cameras also included Google Lens so that objects and locations can identify; while AI features have also been part of the cameras. This phone will start at $ 900 (close to one lakh rupees); while it will be offered for sale in various countries in the middle of October.

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